• "Building from the Ground Up"
    1 hr
    350 US dollars
  • “How High can you Fly?"
    1 hr
    3-sessions/3 months
  • "Welcome to the Boardroom!"
    1 hr
    12 sessions 6/months
  • Get ready for a journey of Words!
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  • "Let's go on a journey of exploration!"
    30 min
  • Next Level Professional Development
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Ms. Wini will always be one of the best people I ever met. Once she cares about you be prepared to get lectured lol. I truly appreciate you for never giving up on me even in the midst of me giving up on myself, I love you Ms. Wini I’m so glad I met you. You are a real blessing to any life you step in from your lectures to your quotes I appreciate it all. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!"

Kaminia J.

“Before working with Ms. Wini, I was very unsure of myself and had been out of the workforce for a while. Since working with Ms. Wini, I've gone from becoming the first Administrative Assistant of a up and coming nonprofit and establishing what the role means to working as an Assistant Manufacturing Associate at one of the most world-renowned Biotechnical/Biopharmaceutical in the world. 


Not only that, but I've gone from the quietest person in the room to the designated point person in my workgroup because my supervisor see me as someone who communicates well, gets along with everyone, always shows up, and gets things done efficiently and effectively. I've gone from not believing in myself enough to being more ambitious, taking on more responsibilities and always setting higher goals for myself. I've gone from never having a place of my own to owning a house and a car. I believe working with Ms. Wini helped me to start discovering the depths of my determination, discipline, and dedication not just in my professional life, but my personal life as well. I'm grateful to know her. Thank you Ms. Wini!"

Christina J.

I came in contact with Ms. Wini Alexander in October of 2019 while attending Humanim’s Administrative Assistant Training. Ms. Wini was the Training Manager/Facilitator who helped me uncover, identify, and release all of the barriers that were holding me back from my true potential. Ms. Wini is a very professional, compassionate, and efficient person who has the ability to make you see things from a different perspective. The skills she has instilled within me have truly set me up for success. When I think of Ms. Wini, one phrase comes to mind. “Because of Her, I Am.” Thanks to Ms. Wini, I now walk with purpose and confidence. I am forever grateful for her guidance, encouragement, and wisdom!

Katrina M.

Ms. Wini was my mentor and teacher in Spring 2019. She taught me so much about myself that I had yet to learn at my age! My overthinking was all in my head. I had to exude confidence and manifest my goals. She led me onto the path of success and I couldn’t be more grateful. We cried together when I received the job offer that I was longing for. She saw potential in me and encouraged me to aim high! Thank you so much Ms. Wini for all of your kind words, encouraging speeches and tearful yet joyous moments during the time we shared. You’re truly a gem!

Deidre B.

I want to say that Ms. Wini is one of the most influential people I’ve ever met! She is a woman of style, grace, and most of all….professionalism! I consider her a mentor even in the short 9 weeks we had together. She taught me to be my BEST PROFESSIONAL SELF! If you are taken under her wing, take in everything she says because she knows her stuff! I am grateful for her and the light God gave her to share with me and those around her. 

Tamieka B.